Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pokemon Crazy

Pokémon Go has fully revived the Pokémon hype- or it did momentarily. I feel like I'm revisiting my childhood. Loving it! Here are some Pokémon inspired creations...

Just for fun- Watercolours

Birthday card I made for my brother. Eevee is one of my faves!

Messing around with plasticine. Happy birthday bro!  

Watercolour Summer Projects

I'm back to school on Monday (primary school teacher) and I feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of the workload about to explode into my life! However, I have thoroughly enjoyed my six weeks off (can't complain) and feel ready to embrace the school routine (mostly...)! New class, second year of teaching, bring it on! Here are some drawings I did over the summer...

Been loving watercolour paints recently!
Patterned Vase with Flowers

Hummingbird- Watercolours

Koi - Acrylic paint

Tiger - Acrylic paint

Experimenting with pattern/still life - Watercolours

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lion Heart



PanPastel Sketch

Since September my life has been taken over by my Primary PGCE course... but every now and then I need to paint/sketch/ANYTHING ART RELATED to feel like I've not lost myself completely in all this chaos. My time is not my own and I have zero social life.... but I do have a pussy cat.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hand Carved Wooden Hearts

Finally finished my wooden hearts :) I have hung them with wool and string and loved making them.
I painted them and then carved back into them with the circular sander to reveal the grain of the wood, then varnished them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Drawing Kitty Attempt #2


The last time I tried to capture my little kitty in PanPastels and chalk as she ran around the room like a sugar crazed zombie, attacking me and everything else... the results weren't great but it was good fun! This time I worked from a photograph using the same medium and I am much happier with the results! Though it kind of feels like a kitty yearbook photo... bit too smiley maybe?!

Yuffie June 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Carved Wooden Hearts - Still In Progress

A few days ago I took a plank of wood into the workshop and carved these hearts using mainly a circular sander. Great fun!

They are still unfinished... I am going to paint them and then taking them back into the workshop to partly sand away the paint to create a rustic look (hopefully) then I will hang them using a selection of different strands of wool. I have chosen neutral tones and that compliment the natural grain of the wood.